how to love a man

How to love a man…..
Be his biggest fan, be proud of him, tell him how strong, sexy, manly, smart, determined he is all the time.
Have sex with him. Often. adore him and his body like every man deserves.
Be unwaveringly loyal, don’t flirt with others, don’t send suggestive texts/snapchats/messages. Be his woman or leave him to find someone else that deserves him.
Let him have his own space. He is not ignoring you, the world does not revolve around you, let him be his own man.
Love him in the way HE needs it, not the way YOU feel he needs it. Find out your different love languages and be ready to show him you are willing to love him in ways he feels it the most.
Always see the best in him. Concentrate on those qualities, not what you don’t like about him and learn to love the side that you may not like, because like it or not that’s a part of him too. If you want to change those things do him a favour and leave.
Be present. Give him your time and attention when he needs it. Show him that he is your priority. (Get off your phone)
Be willing to have him sexually as a man. Let him know you need his masculine presence, that you trust him fully.
Be vulnerable Do not be afraid to share your fears and feelings. Men tend to know when we’re keeping things from them. Don’t say “I’m fine” when your not, just own your feelings and come from a calm place when you communicate those feelings, men shut down if they are talked at!
Say you’re sorry, acknowledge your mistakes it won’t kill you to do this. Say sorry when you hurt him, even if you think he is overreacting, if you care you’ll be able to still say sorry.
Do not be afraid to be fully transparent. This builds deep trust over time.
Acknowledge and embrace each other’s pasts, it made you who you are. You are lucky enough to have him now just enjoy that.
Forgive. Don’t let history hold you or your man hostage.
Never underestimate the power of simply touching each other. Sometimes it can say what words can not.
Always, choose love. Love is action, not emotion.

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