joy, love and starting your day right


so it’s very easy to get stuck in a rut of just waking up to an alarm that just evokes intense anxiety and let’s be honest potentially feelings of depression!

I want to share with you one of the strongest tools you can possess to start your day right, this is not something to be taken lightly. How you start your day will have a flow-on effect that creates your day, but it also will seep into all other aspects of your life to quite potentially affect your entire future outlook.

it has been proven that human beings are just vibrations manifested into physical form, so with that in mind, our thoughts (which are themselves vibrational energy) will directly affect how we feel. so if we start our day with a ritual that fosters feelings of Joy and Love then you will essentially become a being of Joy and Love.

so see yourself as a fluid being that can shift and change just like the ocean, you can be grey and stormy and destructive or you can be smooth, calm and beautiful it is 100% up to you.


Morning Routine:

you are a soul that occupies a body

I like to imagine that when I’m sleeping that my beautiful soul can go travelling if it wants to, so when I wake up I make sure it connects back in with this temporary being it has been lucky enough to occupy. so the first thing you do the MOMENT you wake up is at Heart Check! put your right hand on your heart, take big deep breaths from the belly and feel your heart beating through your chest. keep your eyes closed and smile and with each breath allow yourself to feel immensely grateful for the life you have, allow yourself to feel intense pure love and joy for the gift of being alive. I do this for about 2 to 3 mins.  if you feel like you don’t know how to feel deep love or joy it doesn’t matter it’s about starting the practice, and opening up the channels to the potential to feel those feelings.


connecting the mind to the body and soul

so the mind is quite stubborn, it can be a great gift but also a pretty tough opponent if it wants to run amuck with your inner peace after you heart check go to a comfortable space in your house where you can sit and not be disturbed. In this space, you will take the time to train your mind to be your greatest ally. Make sure you go in with intention so your intention is to connect your mind to the path you want it to be on…  you are  the master of your mind not the other way around, so you need to feed it the right information to ensure it takes in the right energy and mindset for the day ahead; I have a playlist depending on what I intuitively feel that I need. Here is a playlist of the most helpful guided meditation I have found so far.

Meditation For Self Love

Meditation for Joy

Chakra Clearing

Healing Meditation

Grounding Meditation (very helpful if you often feel absent-minded or have brain fog)


be a master of practices

Then practice Qigong, (pronounced “Chi Kung”)

Qigong is a powerful moving meditation that incorporates breath work and integrates postures and movements that build energy (Qi)! The practice opens the meridian channels, balances mind, body and spirit and connects you to your source. You become both grounded and connected to higher states of consciousness. This is such an important part of my morning routine its the final piece to set up the day. it sets up your vibrational energy for the day, it ensures you approach the day in the highest state of energy as possible. To be honest, it may feel strange to begin with, but if you keep an open mind you will genuinely feel a shift in your energy.

Try this amazing free 7-day challenge to get you started.

Qigong 7 day challenge



you can literally change your entire future with these tools, I know that’s a huge statement, but if we can agree that we control the outcome of our day based on our mindset then is it that much of a stretch to believe that it will have a long-term effect on our lives? the tools I have given you cover all the bases (mind, body, heart and soul) this is all we need to do phenomenal things with our lives…. so let’s get to it 😉


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