the path of least resistance

What does this mean, the path of least resistance?

In nature this is the overarching rule, to take the path of least resistance ensures a higher chance of survival. Everything in nature takes the path of least resistance, water, fire, plants. it’s just basic natural instincts…

Humans, however, do not do this; we push against what feels good. We take paths that don’t stimulate us or make us feel good. Instead, we take the path that our brains tell us are correct or that is smart.

What would happen if you made decisions based on your heart, based on that deep gut feeling that you never listen to? where would that lead you? would you still do what you’re doing now?  My guess would be that your life would completely change.

Taking the path of least resistance is a beautiful way to live. You still have to work hard for what you want, but the difference is that you will. You, my friend, will bust your ass for those dreams because they are what you truly want. It’s the deepest desires in your heart that you are fighting for, you are no longer striving for what’s safe or smart you are fighting for what you want you are no longer pushing against your heart you are flowing with it.

So flow with your heart, please just do yourself a favour and try. Make a step in that direction. It doesn’t have to be dramatic at first maybe just take a moment to listen, take some time to meditate and connect with yourself. Try to listen to your heart is always trying to guide you, you just need to make the choice to listen.

When you start to listen you will begin to live from the heart which means you will live from a place of love. This will change everything in your life. You will interact with people differently, you will start to feel, you will have empathy instead of anger. laughter instead of sadness and light instead of darkness. You will be liberated; you will connect with the universe instead of the superficial world around you.

Connect with yourself with this meditation take the time today to listen to your heart and see where this takes you. Remember that you are infinite, you are the source of all happiness in your life. You are destined for beautiful things because you are beautiful you are the source of love you are the source of light.

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