Hello Beautiful…


“The re-birth of connection to mind, body and soul for each human being, begins with healing and self-reflection”


My name is Tara Bryant and I am here to share and hopefully inspire you through my own journey of self-discovery and healing.

For almost my entire 20’s I was full of ambition and passion and forged a successful career as a Professional Firefighter and Botanist. I pushed myself physically, mentally and emotionally to be my best at everything i put my name to, unfortunately, this took a huge toll on my physical and emotional health.

My body became plagued by Anxiety, Panic Attacks and eventually, I ended up with Fibromyalgia (chronic pain and fatigue). I could not exercise, could barely think or work at all, I lost a huge portion of my muscle mass; basically, I was about to go on a disability pension.

But at the lowest of low points, I decided to trust my body and stop listening to doctors who were telling me NOT move my body and to take copious amounts of heavy drugs!

So I started moving again, slowly (picking up shopping bags was hard at this point) I went and saw alternative medicine practitioners, started yoga, meditation and researched a lot and then eventually started weight training…and you know what IT WORKED !!

I went from helpless to healthy.. if it were not for my urge to be me again and my strong sense of rebellion and intuition, I have no idea where I would be today. Basically, natural medicine, meditation and movement saved my life. I healed all my emotional traumas, all my need to be perfect and in control, all the time and I learnt to let go and be free.

So this is why I am here, I’m here to continue this journey and share all that I have learnt and will learn along the way. I am not the expert on anyone else’s body but my own, just like no one is the expert on your body but I can teach you what I have learnt and can show you the way to tune in with your own intuition so you can heal.


Big Love

// Tara